Effective Advertising and Promotion Skills

Audience Feedback

"Graham is a terrific presenter"

"No Nonsense realistic approach"

"Just Great - learned plenty"

These comments and others like them are typical of the feedback from audiences that attend Graham Barr's sessions.

Surveys of his sessions demonstrated that:

  • 100% would recommend to others
  • 99.9% found the content useful
  • 99.9% Learned something to implement immediately

Typical comments:

  • 'Very informative'
  • 'Will be a great help'
  • 'Useful funny, relevant'
  • 'Insightful, useful'
  • 'Enjoyed the freshness'
  • 'Really, really good'
  • 'No nonsense realistic approach'
  • 'Excellent speaker and presentation
  • 'Very well presented'
  • 'Great'
  • 'Excellent professional presentation'
  • 'Presentation was refreshing'
  • 'Some very good pointers'
  • 'Good speaker, clear ideas'
  • 'Full of valuable information'
  • 'Energetic presentation'
  • 'Interesting and informative'
  • 'Good speaker, enjoyed it'
  • 'Very easy to follow'
  • 'Gave us lots of ideas'
  • 'Excellent communicator'
  • 'Learned a lot'
  • 'Logical and interesting'
  • 'The information was valuable'

At The World Association of Newspaper's Conference in Paris he delivered a presentation on "Essential skills for today's market place" prompting the organiser to comment "Many thanks for your excellent presentation, it greatly contributed to the success of the event"

To enquire about taking advantage of Graham Barr's outstanding seminars:-


+64 4 234 8006

+64 274 480847


Graham Barr Info

Renew your sales team's enthusiasm. Get Graham Barr and his refreshing approach working for you.
Graham Barr is an acknowledged sales and marketing professional and International speaker of note.

Read more about Graham Barr.

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