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Create Powerful Press Advertisements

Graham Barr's 'Power of Press' workshop has been designed to help all newspaper advertisers. Since its creation over 10 years ago this workshop has been well received wherever it is presented. It is a no nonsense approach to the world of newspaper advertising presented by an advertising professional who pulls no punches.

Anyone looking for solutions that will help sustain and grow their business should attend one of Graham's sessions. Graham Barr offers interactive seminars that provide the opportunity for full participation and feedback.

Newspaper power not always maximised

Newspapers remain one of the most powerful advertising vehicles for most businesses. Sadly, the potential offered by newspapers is not always realised by advertisers. This is because not all businesses have access to the experience or knowledge required to make best use of newspaper advertising. This is a great pity because it will not only be costing the advertiser valuable business but at the same time limiting the appeal that the newspaper will have with this advertiser. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary advertisers getting results less than they expect will generally look to the medium as the cause of their problem. This may well stimulate a flirtation with a lesser medium.

Gain a better understanding of the basics of advertising and how to maximise your budget using newspaper advertising. Get practical guidance on the basics of good newspaper advertising construction.

Seminar contents include:

  • How to set and achieve advertising objectives
  • Diminish the chances of wasting your advertising dollars
  • Make your existing advertising budget work harder for you
  • Create really effective advertisements
  • Create advertising that 'cuts through the clutter'
  • Distinguish between award winning and business generating advertisements

To enquire about taking advantage of Graham Barr's outstanding seminars:-


+64 4 234 8006

+64 274 480847


Graham Barr Info

Renew your sales team's enthusiasm. Get Graham Barr and his refreshing approach working for you.
Graham Barr is an acknowledged sales and marketing professional and International speaker of note.

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