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Secrets of selling your home in a tough market

The current tough economic climate has resulted in many home owners becoming concerned about the erosion of their home’s value.  While there is nothing any individual home owner can do to change market conditions there are actions that can be taken, particularly if selling, that can help protect the value of your home. Because market conditions have changed so dramatically in recent times there is a real need for home sellers to educate themselves in a number of areas if they are to successfully sell their property.  The ‘Secrets of selling in a tough market’ presentation has been designed to help guide home sellers through that process.  Presented by a leading Real Estate marketing specialist and educator, this seminar offers a rare insight into the dynamics of the housing market and actions that home sellers must take to be successful.  The hour long presentation offers a number of important lessons about selling in a tough market including:

How to hire the best Real Estate Agent for your property

How to engage the best Real Estate Agent for the sale of your property is potentially worth thousands of dollars to you.  Included in this process are a number of essential questions that you should ask prospective Real Estate Agents if you want to hire the best.  You should also have an understanding of how to work with your agent to ensure the best outcome for you.

The biggest mistakes sellers make when hiring a Real Estate Agent
If you are to be successful with the selling of your property in the current economic environment it is imperative that you do not fall into the trap common to many home sellers when engaging a Real Estate Agent.  Being aware of the mistakes that so many sellers make will put you in a far stronger position.

How to sell your property without slashing your asking price
The market has adjusted and most areas have seen a drop in average sale prices of homes.  This doesn't however mean that you have to have a ‘fire sale’ to get your property sold.  There are marketing techniques that you can employ to help you sell without necessarily taking a dramatic cut in price.  The knowledge of how to price your property correctly will help not only help towards getting a successful sale but will also lessen your chances of ‘underselling’

The best marketing methods to use in the current climate
There are many fine homes presently on the market that are not selling.  They will ultimately either be withdrawn, or worse be sold for less than the owner should be getting.  This doesn't necessarily have to happen.  Unfortunately many properties are being marketed in exactly the same way as they were when market conditions were better.  To cope in the current environment it is imperative that marketing methods are adjusted to suit the conditions.

How to get buyers to compete for your home
There are many homes that have been on the market for months without ever attracting an offer.  The properties that are selling within a reasonable time are those where buyers have been forced to compete to become the new owner.  It is imperative to get buyers to compete to buy your home if you ever hope to sell within a reasonable time frame.  Understanding buyer behavior will assist you to get buyers to favour your property over others on the market and to compete to buy your home.

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